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North Dakota Shuttle 

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We strongly suggest choosing a departure time that will allow you to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight.
We will be unable to provide bookings after August 24th until further notice

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Williston • Tioga • Stanley • Minot

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Our main priority is our customers.

Each North Dakota Shuttle driver is specially trained to offer superior customer service. 

If you have a special need, contact us today.

Customer Service Office Hours 9 AM- 6 PM CDT Monday- Friday

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Our Mission

vision-mission-1North Dakota Shuttle is
dedicated to providing
unmatched customer service. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and reliable experience for our patrons.

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Why Use a Shuttle?

Why Use North Dakota Shuttle
When you compare the North Dakota Shuttle to the competition, there is none. North Dakota Shuttle drivers are each specially trained in safety and have a chauffeur's license. Our drivers are not over-worked, making for fresh, rested drivers ready to get you safely to your destination. Our drivers always arrive and depart on time to ensure prompt arrival so you don't miss your flight, gathering, meeting, or anything else you have planned for your day. Your luggage is handled with care and treated as if it were the driver's own. When it comes to customer service, our competition has missed the bus! Ride with the best transportation company in North Dakota.

Oil Workers
You've had a long day or week in the oil fields. All you can think about is getting to your destination. Don't drive fatigued and spend your hard earned money on gas! Let the North Dakota Shuttle get you where you need to go! You can sleep peacefully and let our drivers focus on the road ahead. You deserve the rest and the savings! There is no better way to get to and from the oil fields than the North Dakota Shuttle.

Work in or near the Bakken Oil Fields? Let the North Dakota Shuttle get you there. Don't drive your truck all the way to work! The North Dakota Shuttle will take you and your team to the Bakken Oil Fields in the morning and pick you up when it's time to head home. If you have a larger group that needs to get out there, charters are always available for you and your team.

When you're planning your next trip to North Dakota, don't forget to plan out your transportation while your here. The North Dakota Shuttle makes several daily trips between Williston, Minot, and Dickinson, prime areas for pheasant hunting. Don't waste money on a rental car. If you need a little more flexibility, charters are available to take you and your group wherever you need to go.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Thousands of people every year visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If you're thinking about visiting this amazing place, let us get you around. The North Dakota Shuttle is available to take you and your travel group from the hotel to the park, and anywhere else you may need to go. Don't take the chance of getting lost by trying to drive yourself. Relax on your vacation and let the North Dakota Shuttle show you all there is to see in North Dakota.

Business Trips to North Dakota
Need to visit North Dakota on business? Then you need to make sure you have the right transportation to get you to your meetings on time. Our charter service will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and be available for you and your party for the entire day. And compared to the cost of renting several vehicles, the North Dakota Shuttle costs pennies on the dollar. How's that for smart business? Don't miss the bus, get your business trip booked with a special charter from the North Dakota Shuttle.

There are dozens of conferences throughout the year in North Dakota. If you want to get to them on time, you'd better book a seat on the North Dakota Shuttle. We have several shuttles daily that can get you there. Don't miss the bus! Ride easy with the North Dakota Shuttle.

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